Principal: Adrian Maywald Deputy Principal: Louis de Jager Governing Council Chair: Eliza Handbury Phone: 8766 2084 Email:



From the Principal and Deputy Principal

What a wonderful start to the year, SRC is up and running. We had a very successful sports day and had perfect weather for Interschool. Camps and excursions have been up and running with 3 or 4 more to go this term along with Field Days this week and our daily school learning programs. We have a lot to be grateful for and appreciate and we would like to thank all our staff, students and volunteers who have made the effort to make all of this possible.  

SRC Captains Interviews on the ABC: While we hope you can visit us at the Field Days at both the school site and wine tent, please keep an ear out for our school captains who will be on ABC radio at the field days around 9am on Friday 17th.  

Annual Leaders Meeting: Was held in Adelaide last week where Site Leaders from across the State have gathered to learn about and help set the directions for Public Education in South Australia. This included time with our Chief Executive, Minister and Premier. In short it will see our State continue to progress with Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence software like Chat GTP, we will lift our focus on wellbeing for learning and spend time defining what world class education means for South Australia in the coming year. At Lucindale Area School we will continue to advance our access and use of digital spaces and technology, we will also review and increase student voice in construction of learning tasks and being accountable to their best learning, this alongside a push for improvement in Numeracy should see our school continue to grow and prosper.

Numeracy Education Summit: We had 3 staff attend the Numeracy Summit following the Leaders Day, this summit has allowed access to some of the best practices and researchers around Numeracy from Reception to Year 12. Our school will be implementing the works from the Summit at our upcoming student free day at which all teachers will look at the Big Ideas in Number for their learning areas and review practices to improve student engagement and success with maths across the curriculum.

Governing Council Nominations: With our AGM coming up on Tuesday March the 21st at 7pm please keep your nominations coming in as we would love to ensure all positions are filled along with finalising sub-commitments for the 2023/2024 school year.

Student Free Days: On March the 27/3/2023 we have a student free day to implement staff training in the Big Ideas in Number and to review teaching methodology around Numeracy and Mathematics. Please ensure you have saved this date in your calander along with 5/5/23, 24/7/23, 27/10/23 as student free days and our school closure day on 1/9/23.

Interschool Sports Day Summary: Congratulations to Kingston on the overall win and Kangaroo Inn on their most improved result. While we finished a close second, we can be proud of the efforts shown by all athletes, our Canteen Committee and many Volunteers led by Alisha on the day. We could not have asked for better weather or sportsperson ship across the day along with Denise’s expertise on the microphone keeping us all on track along with providing a laugh or two.

Master Plan Community Forum: Our School Captains along with Evie, Louis and Adrian attended the Masterplan working party at the Town Hall last Thursday to help set the direction/review of the masterplans for our Council. The chance to contribute and listen to a broad range of ideas and suggestions including upgrades to the airstrip, housing for our region, rail trails, transport and community facilities was wonderful, and we look forward to seeing the next stage of the plan. It was fantastic to hear that our Council region has grown in population over the last 5 years, and it would be great to think about what we can all do to assist this further and help with the job shortages. We know our Council area is great so let’s all keeping working to make the Lucindale/Naracoorte region known as the place to be.

NAPLAN Testing 2023: All students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 are assessed using national tests in Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (spelling, grammar and punctuation) and Numeracy. As such, NAPLAN results provide teachers with useful feedback about a child’s literacy and numeracy skills from a point in time. In 2023, these tests will take place during 15th to 27th March using the online platform.

Communication and Contact Details: Communication with our parent community is very important; and relies on up-to-date addresses, mobile numbers, and email addresses. Please remember to notify our Front Office if any of your contact details have recently changed, so that our records can be kept up to date. Teachers are highly committed to maintaining effective communication with parents and carers. To help us improve the school-home partnership we ask that you consider the following points:  

  • Teachers may not get the opportunity to check messages or emails until sometime after they are sent. If you have an urgent message for your child’s teacher, please phone our Front Office staff, who will pass on the message.  
  • Please remember to phone the Front Office to notify us if your child is absent or late. If you email your child’s teacher, they may not receive the message in time, resulting in an unexplained absence SMS notification being sent to you.  
  • If you would like to raise an issue with your child’s teacher, you are welcome to send a brief email outlining your concerns. Teachers will make a time to talk about the matter in person or over the phone so that the issue can be given the depth of discussion it deserves. 

Yours sincerely,    

Adrian and Louis.   

P.S We look forward to seeing you all at the Field Days later this week and would like to thank the Lions Field Day Committee and the many volunteers who pulled this event together! 

Diary Dates

15th – 27th March – NAPLAN Y3, Y5, Y7, Y9

17th – 18th March – Field Days

21st March – Governing Council – AGM

27th March – Student Free Day, including (5/5/23, 24/7/23, 27/10/23)

6th – 10th April – Lucindale Tennis Tournament

7th April – Good Friday

10th April – Easter Monday

1st September – School Closure Day

Classroom News

Year 8 & Reception

More buddies  This week the year 8s participated in buddy reading with the Reception class. As previously mentioned in earlier newsletters, this is a wonderful program that can be easily achieved at an area school with a range of year levels.  It was great to see the Reception students introduce themselves and conquer their shyness (for some) with the older students while it was interesting to see the older students interact with the younger students. It is hoped this will forge stronger relationships amongst the student body not only in the classroom but also in the play ground.  Many books were shared and the laughter and excitement from the younger students was certainly contagious with the year 8s. 

Working Dog Auction Grant

Thank you to the Working Dog Auction for their $2500 donation to the school to support the Primary students with their Design Technologies learning. They have supported the school with the purchase of LEGO Essential Kits so students can make and create models then code to move to solve real life problems. The students are so excited and can’t wait to use the 6 kits when they arrive at the school. Once again, thank you for your generous donation.   

Just Keep Bowling

Levi has had success over the season with his skill in bowling. Levi started playing last year and has managed to be involved in the championship 4s, which was held at Kingston on the last weekend of February. It was a battle in the first round under tricky weather conditions including rain, wind and hot sunshine. Unfortunately, the Lucindale team weren’t able to progress from the first round.    

Dog Gone

Levi has had great success with his kelpies but more recently at the Jerilderie Working Dog Auction. This process involved Levi training a 3.5 year old kelpie to a stage where it could be auctioned off after a live demonstration of its capabilities. This is a huge task considering the many variables in the lead up and on the day, with the demonstrations and the Auction being streamed live through AuctionsPlus. The hot temperatures, fickle sheep and the crowd did not deter Levi. He, and his dog Joe, managed to prove themselves to potential customers with a successful demonstration, being followed up with a fruitful auction. Good luck to Joe as he goes to his new owner in Taralga, NSW. We look forward to following Levi’s progression, as a breeder and a trainer, in this competitive field. 

Sports News


DISTANCE DAY 1st Times 2nd 3rd
Sub Junior Girls 1000m Amelia Clarke 5.21.97 Sophie Smith Alice Crosby
Junior Girls 1000m Bethany Blower 4.12.53 Georgia Eddy Rebecca Clothier
Sub Junior Boys 1000m George Legoe 4.11.52 Jeremy Willis Jack Eddy & Austin Hahn
Junior Boys 1000m Tom Handbury 3.42.00 James Buckett Mason Young
Allcomers Girls 1500m        
Inter Girls Georgia Williams 7.28.20 Ella Schubert Layla Clarke
Senior Girls Paige Pinchbeck 7.38.74 Harmony Reed Emma Pinchbeck
Open Girls Ella Traeger 8.30.65    
Allcomers Boys 1500m        
Inter Boys Archie Shepherd 6.52.22 Peter Le Jack Smith
Senior Boys Levi Jenke 6.12.84 Riley Clarke Deakin Pratt-Parkyn
Open Boys Ethan Hocking 5.09.25 Alexander Pitt Dominic Carter

LAS Sports Day 2023

Lucindale Area School’s Sports Day took place on Tuesday, Week 5. The day presented beautiful weather conditions, ideal for track and field events. This year our Sports Captains ran an opening ceremony with an acknowledgment of country and welcome speech to staff, volunteers, and competitors. The day started with hurdles events on the track and various field events. The competition on the track was outstanding with some quick races ran. Our field events were very competitive with incredibly close scores between competitors. A record was broken in the Senior Boys shot put, by Davey Gear.

Junior Primary students displayed exceptional team spirit with team marches and chants onto the track. As well as pace on the track in 50m sprints and relays. It was great to see so many parents supporting our students. Across the day all students displayed determination, sportsmanship and competed to their personal bests. Congratulations to our Senior Kiama Boys relay team who achieved a new Sports Day record. Thank you to all our parents and staff volunteers who helped on the day and in preparation.

Sports Day Results: 1st Kiama 692 2nd Wanboo 631 3rd Bundi 617 Wanboo won the Tammy Dowdell shield with 18 points. Boy’s sprint champion was Riley Clarke Girl’s sprint champion was Georgia Williams

Age group winners were:

    Sub Junior  Junior  Intermediate  Senior  Open 
Girls 1st  2nd  3rd Amelia Clarke Bridie Thompson Amelia Johns Samantha Kiefel Bethany Blower Georgia Eddy Georgia Williams Ella Schubert Mackenzie Ker Paige Pinchbeck Emma Pinchbeck Charlotte Elsworthy Kira Schubert Ella Traeger Abigail Schutz
Boys 1st 2nd 3rd George Legoe Jeremy Willis Austin Hann James Buckett Tom Handbury Darcy Clarke Archie Shepherd Rubin Carter Thomas Williams Davey Gear Riley Clarke Ollie Gear Ethan Hocking Alexander Pitt Kaiden Schneider

  Hocking Family Perpetual Trophy winners were: Tom Handbury, Bethany Blower, Ethan Hocking and Georgia Williams   Alisha Hagel

Agriculture News


Farm Committee  

Our Agriculture staff would like to invite members of our school community to join our Farm Committee in 2023. The Committee will meet once a term (usually week 5). If you have an interest in Agriculture or would like to find out more about our Agriculture program here at Lucindale Area School please contact the front office to register your interest.  

Pre-Sale of Chickens 

With 150 Isa Brown Chickens arriving at school, it’s safe to say they have been getting plenty of attention during Agriculture lessons.  Available for sale at 6 weeks later in the term or point of lay during Term 2. 

  • 6–10-week-old chicks @ $10 each 
  • Point of lay @ $25 each   

 Please contact the Front Office to order.  


Pork for Sale 

Lucindale Area School has our delicious pork available for sale again this term. At $14.50 per kg, you won’t be disappointed.   

Contact the Front Office or click the link below to choose your cuts and place your order.  

Pork Order Form

Library News

Community Operating Hours:

Monday 9:00am – 4:00pm  Tuesday 9:00am – 4:00pm  Wednesday 9:00am – 5:00pm  Thursday 9:00am – 5:00pm  Friday 9:00am – 4:00pm  Saturday 9:00am – 11:30am  The library opens at 8:30am Monday to Friday for staff and students. 

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