Governing Council

Welcome to the Lucindale Area School Governing Council. The Governing Council is made up of a diverse group of parents from both Primary and Secondary families along with community members who volunteer their time to work with the site leader to help set and monitor the direction of the school.

Sub-committees are central to how most council’s work and at Lucindale we have several committees that operate under the Council.  Some of the committees are mandatory however some are driven by what is happening locally and what our current focuses are.


These sub-committees include:





Boarding House


Additional members of the school community contribute to the sub-committees with a Governing Council member acting as chairperson for each sub-committee who then reports back to the Governing Council at meetings held twice a term.

We also work alongside affiliated committees who help support the council to achieve the focus of school and community working together.  Currently these committees include the LAS Parents & Friends Club and the Lucindale Chaplaincy Support Group.

In 2023 the Governing Council has focussed on developing communication channels between the school and families, assisting with the re-development of the front of the school and other key infrastructure and fundraising projects around the school.


The Governing Council AGM is held in term one each year and we are always keen for nominations as well as members of each sub-committee. Tim Kiefel is the current Chairperson and he along with all members of Governing Council welcome your questions regarding the Council and how you can be involved with it and/or the sub-committees.

Anyone who wishes to raise broader agenda items for the council to discuss may email Tim Kiefel or Acting Principal Louis de Jager at

Governing Council Chair: Tim Kiefel                    

Treasurer/Finance Committee Chairperson/Temporary Boarding House Representative: Vanessa Clarke  

Secretary: Trish Koch                          

Parent Representative: Samantha Veering 

Parent Representative: Alaina Andrews                   

Parent Club Representative: Nat Hann  

Parent Representative: Bill Crosby         

Parent Representative: Jo Tregoweth 

Community Representative/Buses: Leanne Graetz 

Community Representative: Peter Innes Ker 

Staff Representatives: Flic Jenke and Taylor Ferguson

Student Representatives: Dominic and Logan