Lucindale Area School offers students a range of support options from Reception to Year 12.

Learning Assistance Program

The school has an active Learning Assistance Program catering for students’ individual needs. This program is run and supported by classroom teachers and the School Counsellor.

Wellbeing Leader

The Wellbeing Leader along with the Wellbeing Team meets on a regular basis to plan and carry out wellbeing initiatives. In 2015, the school became a Kids Matter/Mind Matters school.

After School Study Group

The school library hosts an after school study group session open to any students needing extra support with their homework. This is supervised by teachers and runs from 3:30 to 4:30 on Wednesday afternoons.

Pastoral Support Worker

The school currently has a Pastoral Support Worker two days a week. The Pastoral Support Worker is employed to support students, staff and the community.