Primary – Years Foundation to Year 6


About our Primary Years

Classes are housed in a common building, which enables the flexibility to combine classes and activities where it is beneficial to do so. An art/wet area that is regularly used by primary students, where classes combine to share learning experiences and celebrate successes.

Our primary team has a strong focus on establishing routines, high expectations and nurturing learning in the early years. Working as a team provides staff the opportunity to have flexibility within the structure of their learning groups allowing student needs to be best catered for.


Our main focus in the Primary Years is on Literacy and Numeracy, whilst also combining learning from other areas including; French, Science and HASS, The Arts, Technologies, Health and Physical Education. With Agriculture is still being the main focus of our school.


Students in the primary years are provided with many opportunities to extend their talents through curricular and extra-curricular activities. Which may include School Sports Events, SAPSASA, and the School’s Equine Program.

Transition from Kindergarten to Primary School

Links between the local kindergarten and our school are essential in ensuring that a smooth transition occurs. We maintain close and beneficial relationship with the Balharry Memorial Kindergarten staff and have a comprehensive transition program in place to ensure that students are afforded the best transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Agriculture in the Primary Years

Links between the local kindergarten and our school are essential in ensuring that a smooth transition occurs. We maintain close and beneficial relationship with the Balharry Memorial Kindergarten staff and have a comprehensive transition program in place to ensure that students are afforded the best transition from kindergarten to primary school.

Parent Involvement

At Lucindale Area School parents are always welcome to support learning activities in the classroom. Listening to reading and helping out at special events are ways to become involved with the school, and are encouraged. It is recommended that parents either have a current Working with Children Check and be approved by the Department for Community and Social Inclusion, in accordance with DECD policy. It is also recommended they complete RAN training, which can be completed online. For more information on completing RAN Training or a Working with Children’s Check please visit our website; Volunteering at LAS – Lucindale Area School


Reception to Year 6 assemblies are held in the hall, twice a term. These are used to recognise student achievement and showcase learning activities that occur in the classroom. Parents are welcome to attend. Specific days and times are advertised in the school newsletter.

High School (Year 7 – Year 12)


Flexible Learning

Lucindale Area School offers a range of learning opportunities allowing students to explore interests outside of the general subjects offered.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) programs can be run in a number of ways. Currently the school offers:

Certificate II in Agriculture through our Flexible Industry Pathways at Year 11.
School Based Apprenticeships (SBA) offer students the ability to study part time while working and developing work-based competencies for their chosen career. We work closely with local apprenticeship brokers, apprenticeship centres and registered training organisations to offer appropriate training programs for student wishing to take on an SBA.

Open Access learning is offered to secondary students. It is utilised to offer individual students a subject that may not be offered on-site and allows for greater flexibility in subject choices. Open Access is delivered online and are supported by local teachers to ensure success.

Lucindale Area School is a member of the South-East Local Delivery program. Students and teachers travel to partner schools in the local cluster network to study Stage 2 subjects at a face-to-face level. The school cluster network is comprised of Lucindale Area School, Penola High School, Naracoorte High School, Kangaroo Inn Area School and Millicent High School. Local delivery has the benefit of a face-to-face teaching component with designated subject teachers, along with support of Lucindale Area School staff to ensure success.More information on the subjects that are delivered via this method is available via the senior school handbook.

Additional vocational pathways programs are offered based on individual career counselling. Students who have specific learning interests may be able to start certificate level courses, through ongoing partnerships with training providers.

Recognition for Community Learning
The SACE allows students to gain credit for a range of community based learning opportunities.

Community developed programs are existing programs that students can be involved in and learn skills related to a range of different tasks. A list of programs can be found on the SACE Board website, some options in our local community include Duke of Edinburgh Awards, CFS Basic Fire fighter level 1, lifeguard and other Royal Lifesaving senior certificates.
Self directed Programs allow students to be recognised for a range of activities that are not formally recognised. Programs or activities are broad in nature and should be discussed with the Senior School Coordinator prior to applying for recognition. Students will need to write a short application and then attend an interview to show their level of involvement and learning through their activities.


The South Australian Certificate of Education has a number of subject requirements, which must be successfully completed to successfully attain a SACE Certificate.


There are two stages of the SACE:‎

Stage 1, which usually begins in Year 10, with students studying the Personal Learning ‎Plan, and continues through Year 11. ‎
Stage 2, which is usually undertaken in Year 12.‎
Each subject or course that is successfully completed earns ‘credits’ towards the SACE. ‎Students receive a final grade from A to E for each Stage 1 subject and A+ to E– for ‎Stage 2 subjects.‎

To qualify for the SACE students must:‎

Complete a minimum of 200 credits
Achieve a C grade or higher in the Stage 1 compulsory subjects
Achieve a C– or higher in the Stage 2 compulsory subjects.‎

The compulsory requirements are:‎

Personal Learning Plan – 10 credits at Stage 1‎
Literacy – at least 20 credits from a range of English subjects (Stage 1 or Stage 2)‎
Numeracy – at least 10 credits from a range of mathematics subjects (Stage 1 or Stage ‎‎2)‎
Research Project – 10 credits at Stage 2‎
Other Stage 2 subjects – that total at least 60 credits

The remaining 90 credits can be gained through additional Stage 1 or Stage 2 subjects or ‎Board-recognised courses (such as VET or community learning) of a student’s choice.‎

Contact the Senior School Coordinator for more information, or click on the links below to look further at the SACE website.


Lucindale Area School offers a wide variety of SACE Stage 1 and 2 subjects through senior school. For more information, please refer to the senior school handbook.