2022 Lucindale Area School Class Lists

Dear Families,

With the 2022 school year rapidly approaching, we would like to share our class structures and current staffing for the 2022 school year with you. Please note we have aimed to keep class sizes as small as possible and will be reviewing the structures over the holiday as we still have enrolments coming in.

In essence, I am wanting to share with you what our Personal Advisory Committee, Leadership, Teachers and HR representatives have been working on for our staff/student placement for 2022. If further changes are required, updates will be sent using our normal communication methods.

On behalf of the staff at Lucindale Area School we wish you all a well-earned break. I encourage you to contact me at school if you would like to discuss any of the plans for 2022.

Please let your child/children know that we will have a short assembly first thing in the School Hall on the first day of school next year (Monday 31/1/2022) before heading to classrooms.

Please open the PDF attachment for more detail 2022 Teachers and Class Placement