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From the Principal and Deputy Principal

It is great to see lots of students returning to school after their many absences last fortnight. We are still down significantly in numbers and ask that families please continue to let us know if your children are absent due to Covid. This allows the Department to provide support to us as needed.  

We have had a very busy couple of weeks and the cold wet weather has certainly hit. Could we please remind all families that there are plenty of uniform options in warm clothing and we encourage everyone to follow our uniform policy. Read on and see what we have been up to this fortnight!.  

Literacy focus: Our teachers have been focussing on literacy this term with our Primary staff looking at how they are using the Big Six of Reading in their Daily Literacy blocks and our Secondary staff targeting using quality pre-selected texts in their classes. 

Starting secondary school in 2023: If your child is moving into Secondary Schooling in 2023, please make sure that you check out the Department’s website here Information for students starting secondary school ( For our Year 6 families, you don’t need to do anything if you are planning on being here for Year 7. Students will be automatically enrolled here for Secondary schooling. If your plans are different, please contact us and we can assist with any paperwork needed.  

Mid-year intake to school: The newly elected State Government has announced that a mid-year intake will be introduced for Receptions beginning school in 2024. We have attached a flier for your information and further details will come out closer to the time. If you have any questions, please call or email and we can assist or go to the Department for Education’s website Department for Education | South Australia 

Building update: We are still waiting for confirmation from the Department for a new handover date, after the building meeting on Monday May 30th found some items to be addressed. They have reassured us that they are working to get us in as soon as possible, so keep an eye out for updates. We even had a quick visit from the Minister for Education, Blair Boyer MP, on Thursday as he looked at how to assist us. Our captains showed him around the school and we also looked at the work still to be completed. We thank the Minister for coming to visit! 

Lion’s Mad Minute: Well done to the Year 5/6 class who participated in the Lion’s Mad Minute competition this week. Congratulations to Tom, Aden and Samantha who will go on to the Grand Challenge regional competition on June 29th here at Lucindale. Jess McKinnon did a great job preparing everyone for this, practicing weekly with Andrew Copping from the Lions. Great job by everyone involved. 

Industry Immersion Day: Well done to Carol Hille and her team who organised and ran the successful Agriculture Industry Day here at Lucindale this week. Secondary schools from across the South East sent Year 10 students who are interested in following an Agricultural pathway outside of school to investigate the fencing and meat industries. Please check out the photos and the write up of the day. 

Draft Bullying Support Policy: Staff have completed a first draft of a Bullying Support Policy and have provided this to Governing Council for feedback. Students are also considering this work and providing their perspective on this. If any families or community members would like to provide further feedback before the next draft, please send us an email or give us a call. The draft document is attached to his newsletter for your information. 

Bus Safety: Next week, on Tuesday June 14th, we have a bus safety presentation from Bus Safe SA for students from R-6. It will cover entering and exiting buses safely as well as safe travel. You can see what they do on their Facebook page (3) BusSafe | Facebook and talk with your children about what they do to be safe on the buses.  

Adrian and Jane 

Diary Dates


14th June – Year 9 Lamb Marking Excursion

14th June – R-6 Bus Safety

15th June – Year 10 immunisations

20th to 24th June – Flexible Industry Pathways Training

23rd June – Bus Committee Meeting 9am to 10.30am

28th June – Cows Create Careers Presentation – Year 7 & 8

29th June – Mad Minute Grand Challenge

29th June to 1st July – Footsteps R-9

Classroom News

Cows Create Careers

Over the past 3 weeks the Year 7 and 8 classes have been involved in the Cows Create Careers Program. Aims of the project are to: 

  • Introduce the dairy industry to school students.
  • Introduce students to pathways in the dairy industry and its many related career and educational opportunities.
  • Give students a hands-on experience working with calves.
  • Provide industry advocates and farmers to inform, encourage and support students interest and knowledge of the dairy industry. 

Students have taken part in many different learning tasks including watching video clips about the dairy industy, making a 3D model or Mootube movie, writing a letter to Jaydee Events Pty Ltd about their experience and creating a funny photo with the dairy calves.   Owen Rees from Total Result Ag Consulting – Senior Ruminant Productivity Consultant- also spoke to the Year 8 students over zoom about calf nutrition and ruminant health. The students were also responsible for checking their weights weekly and the general care and feeding responsibilities that go with keeping dairy calves.   We would like to thank the sponsors of this program; Dairy Australia, Kym Willsmore (dairy calves sponsor) Gardiner Foundation, MaxCare calf milk replacer.  

Boarding House Feast

This week the Boarding House students have been involved in creating and cooking a menu as part of building on life skills and meal planning. The students not only selected the produce but helped cook the three course menu with our SSO Tim Harrison. The students created the following menu;

Entre – Asian duck breast with crepes, spring onion, cucumber and hoisin sauce.

Main – Slow cooked beef cheeks with a red wine and tomato sauce with pappardelle pasta.

Salad – Pear & walnut salad, Fennel, orange and pine nut salad and finally roasted vegetables with fennel seed, rosemary, lemon zest and chili.

Dessert – Chocolate mousse with whipped cream, chocolate shards and praline.

Overall the students had a great time cooking and most of all eating the gourmet feast.

Daniel Ryan

Lucindale Area School – Bullying Prevention Policy and Plan (Draft) 2022

Please use the provided link to view our draft 2022 Bullying Prevention Policy and Plan.

To view PDF please click here

Sorry Day

As part of their regular shared reading, the Year 8 and Reception/ Grade 1 classes completed activities for Sorry Day which was celebrated on the 26th May.

Mad Minute Year 5 & 6

Our Year 5/6 class completed in the annual Mad Minute competition this week, run by the local Lions Club. Our class has been practicing over the last two terms in preparation for judging day. The students get to choose between challenge or super challenges cards, which then they must talk about for a minute. Over the last two terms I’ve have seen the student’s confidence and abilities to talk in front of an audience grow.   Congratulations to Tom, Aden, Amy and Sammy.   

The Potato People

The Foundation InitiaLit program includes storybook lessons. The lessons are broken into 4 sessions. The books can also be linked to other curriculum areas. In Week 4 & 5 the students working with Mrs Jenke focused on The Potato People. The book can be linked to Science – changes in living things and Agriculture – farming and food. 

Session 1: Read the Story  Before the Story – Discussions included  

  • Concepts of print (book cover, title, author, blurb) 
  • Link to prior knowledge 
  • Predictions (based on front/back cover, the title, what might happen) 

During the Story – Understanding focus words for the story. For this book they were: gradually, drooped and exclaimed.  After the Story – summaries were made about the beginning, the middle and the end. We discussed why we liked/didn’t like the story. 

Session 2: Talk about the story  Students were asked to recall the title, the characters and summarise the story.   The story was re-read and the teacher posed literal and inferential questions to students.   Afterwards students talked to a partner to discuss what Grandma and Jack might do with the potatoes, and what was their favourite part of the story. 

Session 3: Word Work  Discuss in depth the focus words – gradually, drooped and exclaim. What do they mean and how did these words help to tell the story. Students complete word play – act out a scene to show the meaning of the word.  

Session 4: Beyond the Book 

  • Review the focus words 
  • Make connections – we discussed vegetable gardens and other vegetables, why is it important we eat vegetables, how do we plant vegetables, how do we know they are ready to be eaten. Who spends times with grandparents, what do you like to do with them etc 

After a discussion with Ms Smith in an Ag lesson students understood that we wouldn’t be able to plant our Potato People in the garden as the soil is too cold.  

  • Getting Creative: we designed and made our very own potato people like Grandma & Jack.   

Library News

Welcome to winter. It’s just the right weather for some comfort cooking. Come on in and browse our large range of Winter Warmers Cook Books. Everything from making your own pies, to soups and slow cooker recipes. 

Security Update  Tuesday 7th June 2022, public libraries have installed an update on the security of member’s PIN s, used when logging into Libraries’ many online platforms. The next time you log in as a member, you will be prompted to change your PIN. Your PIN must be reset to a minimum of 8 characters/numbers. If for any reason you find yourself locked out, please don’t hesitate to visit or contact the library on 87662084, and we will be happy to assist you with a reset of your PIN.

Massive Book Give Away   If you haven’t had the opportunity to visit, please do, and checkout our massive giveaway of adult fiction titles. This has been extended to Saturday 18th June 2022. 

Library Closure  The Lucindale Community library will be closed on Saturday 11th June and Monday 13th June 2022 for the long weekend. 

Premier’s Reading Challenge  Friday 10th June marks 90 days to go until the end of the Premiers Reading Challenge. Please support your child to read and record 12 books on their challenge sheet.  National Simultaneous Story Time  Our primary students once again participated in National Simultaneous Story Time, on Wednesday 25th May. The students were entertained by an online reading of the book “Family Tree” by Josh Pike. There were over 1.98 million participants in over 33 thousand locations. It is fantastic that our students get to be part of this wonderful event each year. 

Community News


Matho’s Basketball

4/5 to 7 year olds basketball training/games

Starts Wednesday 4th May

Runs for all of term 2

Cost $5.00 per night per player

From 4.15pm to 5.15pm

At the Naracoorte Basketball Stadium

All welcome

Just a lot of fun and learning along the way.

Please email Ph. 0417-855-247 or turn up on the night and see Helen Garrigan at the desk.

This program will run in School Term 3 as well depending on numbers.

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