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From the Principal and Deputy Principal

Newsletter Week 4 Term 2 

Well, we have certainly had an interesting start to the term! We hope everyone is keeping as safe and healthy as possible. Covid has certainly hit us hard. 

Covid update: From Week 5 (Monday May 30th) masks are no longer mandatory in school settings, however they are still highly recommended. This change affects visitors to the site, students from year 7-12 and staff. If a school site has high Covid numbers, they will be directed by the Department for everyone still to wear masks. Students will be notified of this in their home groups and we will send out communication if this is the case. Please also pay attention to any signs around the school or just check with our staff if you come in.  

Two of our classes have been directed by the Department to undergo PCR testing in the last week. Thank you to the parents who have supported this action. With high numbers of Covid cases in every class, this is another strategy to keep our kids safe. 

Thank you also to the parents who are notifying us of their children’s positive Covid testing. This allows us to alert other families to keep an eye out for symptoms within class groups. Those emails are coming out daily at the moment so please keep checking. If you are wanting your child to be completing any work while they are at home isolating, please go to the Our Learning SA ( website for Reception to Year 10 students, or log in to Microsoft Teams for our SACE students.  

Thank you also to the families who have been very flexible around the bus changes due to Covid last week. We really appreciate your assistance! 

Building update: Work is almost complete and a handover date is scheduled for Monday May 30th. Some bitumen work outside still needs to be completed after this but everyone is very excited that the time is almost here. Governing Council have been supporting this by organising some names for working bee lists to move furniture and equipment so that we can use the rooms as soon as possible. Check out the notice and contact them if you can spare some time. 

NAPLAN: Our testing period for NAPLAN was extended by a week due to our multiple absences for Covid. Even with this extension, there are some students who have not been well enough to sit their test this year. When result sheets are sent home later in the year, please make sure to touch base with your child’s teacher if you have any concerns. 

Industry Immersion Day: Our school is hosting an industry immersion day for Agriculture on Tuesday June 7th. Students from our surrounding schools will attend sessions organised by Carol Hille so they can consider the Agriculture Industry as a pathway to work after school.  

Flexible Industry Pathways: Our Year 11 students will participate in FIPs from Monday May 30th until Friday June 3rd. Students from around our region come to Lucindale to participate in vocational training in a multitude of industries.  

We give our thanks to the Lucindale Lions Club, who are supporting this initiative by providing Yakka Park as a base for these students. Kangaroo Inn, Penola, Kingston and Naracoorte students will travel here each day to take part in the FIPs twice per term. They are working towards earning certificates in Agriculture, Rural Operations, Individual Support and Education and Care. 

Bus Route Changes: The Transport Unit recently came to Lucindale and reviewed our bus routes, as well as responding to a request for a route change from Governing Council. Families affected by the proposed changes on the Callendale and Coles Spence bus routes have received a communication about the proposal and have been asked to respond in writing. A response to the West Avenue request has also been provided to families with Governing Council seeking feedback on this as well.  

To help facilitate this, families on these three routes have been sent a communication offering an online meeting hosted by the school to provide further feedback to Governing Council and to ask any questions or clarify information. This meeting will be at 6pm on Tuesday May 31st and will only be online due to our current high Covid numbers. Please respond to the communication sent out if you would like to take part. You may also just send your feedback in writing into school to pass onto Governing Council and the Transport Unit. 

Staffing update: Carol Hille won the acting Special Programs Coordinator position, backfilling behind Lucinda who is Acting Deputy Principal currently. She is focused on implementing the Industry Immersion Day coming up shortly as well as focusing on other Agriculture projects. Jessica Moore has made the difficult decision to leave us. We will update everyone shortly on this backfill. Jessica’s last day will be June 14th. We thank her for her time and efforts with us and wish her all the best for the future.  

Simultaneous Story Time: We made some last minute changes to our participation in this event this year due to our high Covid numbers. Students stayed in their classrooms and watched online readings of the story “Family Tree”. Have a look in the newsletter for some pictures and activities from our R/1 and 1/2 classes. There is also a terrific display in the library.

Cross Country: Thank you to everyone for your flexibility around Cross Country this year with us being unable to provide a bus at short notice due to Covid. Only a small cohort participated this year but by all accounts had a great day. Thanks to Naracoorte Primary School for hosting this event each year and thank you to Alisha Hagel for taking students over. See the article in the newsletter for some results. 

Uni SA visit: Uni SA came to visit our Year 10 and 12 students last week and gave presentations on Careers and Admissions to university. Students were able to ask questions of the presenters and gain a better understanding of the purposes and processes around university. 

Outdoor Ed camp: Unfortunately, our Outdoor Ed camp was cancelled this week due to Covid outbreaks. Students will work with their teacher to realign their course requirements and Jason Backler will be in touch with families regarding any changes to the course outline. After watching the rainy weather this week, I think some students were very happy about the cancellation! 

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and assistance as we try to manage our school with very depleted numbers of both students and staff. This last week we have had up to 9 staff members missing daily. If we have missed a message or a communication regarding something, please get in contact and let us know as our front office has been very affected. Teachers and SSOs have been backfilling other lessons frequently so please continue your kindness and understanding at this time. Hopefully we are over the worst of it and will be back to normal soon. 

Jane and Lucinda 

Diary Dates


30th – 3rd June – Flexible Pathway Training

31st May – Online bus meeting 6pm West Ave, Coles Spence and Callendale only


3rd June – Parliament House Education Office visit Years 7-9

6th June – Mad Minute 5/6 Class

7th June – Ag Industry Immersion Day Year 10

7th June – Governing Council Meeting

15th June – Year 10 immunisations

Classroom News

Celebrations and Commemorations

Year 3/4   HASS 

The Year 3/4 class have been studying ‘Celebrations and Commemorations’ in HASS lessons. Students learnt about ANZAC Day. They researched Memorials and features that you might find at a Memorial. After they designed their own Memorial for their own place to go and remember. Some chose to honour the nurses that fought in war or Aboriginal Soldiers or even the animals that supported the soldiers during the war. Students then constructed miniature 3D models of their Memorial for display. If you visit the school library you will be able to have a closer look at their efforts. 

Mrs Rivett 

Year 10 English

Year 10 students have watched Romeo and Juliet as a film text. They have been busy completing class activities based on the film and identifying themes, character development and who was to blame for the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet’s death. Students have been looking at the writing of sonnets and identifying the mechanical components in writing such detailed poems. 

Some samples: 

Romeo Montague is tragedy    

Offing himself for a cringy first love    

His ways of life were very raggedy    

Now he sits with God in the clouds above 

Is Romeo the good guy or the bad?   

Or the reason young Juliet is dead?   

Drinking poison just because he was mad    

A night of love with a shot in the head    

You could say his timing skills are quite off    

Couldn’t even feel the touch of his wife    

I could have loved him much better *cough cough*   

Wouldn’t have gotten into so much strife    

Oh Romeo you could have picked much better    

If only you received that one letter    

By Sophie 


My sonnet 


On the dirt and the track so very dry 

You hit the ground like a brick hurt it will 

As you fall life flashes before your eyes 

Dead you are not but all you see are wheels 

The damage is small so to the next race 

It was but a scratch so on with the paint  

We finally made it into the place 

Did it I did it I won and might faint 

It all came and went so extremely fast  

I want to share my winnings with all mates 

But wait a recall have iI lost this so fast 

This is bollocks it is now in the past 

The loss makes me feel very, very ill  

After this outrage the judge I must kill 

By Dom 


I see the green leaves on the mighty trees 

Branches reaching up to the endless sky 

The sky is as blue as the crashing seas 

Looking up to the clouds so very high 

Sitting atop of the beautiful hill 

Colours painting the sky with such passion 

Thinking I could never be so chill 

Colours fading like a changing fashion 

A storm coming in like a blinding light 

My ears filled with the crackling sound 

Thunder and lightning lighting up the night 

I leave before the rain floods the dark ground 

Natures beauty is something to behold 

One day it will be more precious than gold 

By Abi 


I like to drive my Ute around the farm 

My Ute gives me freedom to go places 

I like my Ute so much because of charm 

My favorite thing to do is make chases 

I like to do a lot of work to it 

I have done a lot of upgrades to it 

 I have managed to make it very lit 

The texture when i paint it will be grit 

My spotlight and lightbar light up the night 

I painted the rims black and they look good 

My Ute has a lot of grunt and also might 

In the back when I’m camping I cook food 

When I drive it I can go very fast 

The color was much better in the past 

By Logan 

Mrs Jenke & Miss Ferguson

Mrs Jenke & Miss Ferguson’s classes watched Key Word Sign Australia’s National Simultaneous Story Time book “Family Tree”. The reader was Leigha Dark, as she read the book she used sign language. We replayed the video a second time to learn some of the signing signals. Students were actively engaged and had a great memory to show “Family Tree” using signing.  

Afterwards, we had a great discussion about how different families can be and the students created their own Family Trees. 

Year 8 English

Students in year 8 are busy writing poetry. They have been looking at different types of poems and writing their own. 

Here are some samples: 

In a forest far west from the sea, 

An old man lived in a cabin made of trees, 

Looking for treasure as far as the eye can see, 

From silver spoons to golden rings, 

Over mountains and seas, 

Looking for treasure that he so needs to fill his greed, 

Fighting all he needs for  his greed  that could fill seas, 

Seeing all kinds of majestic things looking for the treasure he all so needs, 

Over nights and days he found things that could only belong in dreams, 

He found riches beyond belief, 

From diamonds, emeralds and rubies, 

And even things beyond your belief, 

Could still not fill this old man’s greed, 

So he searched and searched to fill his own greed, 

Across your world and more but even this could not fill his greed, 

Even then he pushed and pushed all in vain, 

To fill his greed, 

So he returned to the forest far west form the sea, 

To the cabin made of trees, 

Then he pondered for years for why he could not fill his greed, 

Then this old man decided there might be more than material needs. 

By Connor year 8 


EPIC poem  

On the day of the eclipse. 

There was a kid 

Who was trying to find 

The answers to his being. 

He tried to absorb the moons power, 

But he was not high enough on the tower 

So he tried to find 

The thing to bind himself together, 

To find his true power 

To acquire  

The suns power. 

So he tried, 

But got very tired. 

While he was thinking  

He began working 

On a machine  

but someone tried to intervene. 

Thats when the power was found 

The true sound, 

Which was so loud and scary  

The devil will start wishing he was hard of hearing. 

And then, only then the sun started to shrink, 

It got very cold and very dark. 

At this moment the kid thought 

To himself. “why am I doing this?” 

Then he let it all go. 

And when he let it go 

The sun… 

Was the exact same. 

The kid lied to everyone keeping the suns power.  

To go to space 

And find the vault 

Where he can find the simulation  

Of beans 

So many beans 

He found the vault then he started to fizz 

Started to go red 

Started to expand 

Then with no one around to witness 

He exploded… and then he was reincarnated  

As an ant  

which was punished for blowing up the Heinz beans space reality simulator. 

All the people on earth were very mad at the kid  

But in their fury 

The sun grew!  

Everything was back to normal. 

Except the Heinz virtual BEAN-ality was destroyed forever… 

Sponsored by Heinz  Beans 

 By Kayden year 8 


Raindrops shining as sunlight  

Always bright and colorful       

It’s wonderful colors shine in the sky  

Nice bright color shine over us  

Bright shining sun comes a rainbow 

Orange shines the brightest  out of all 

Wet rain comes then shows an rainbow bright in the sky 

By Paige P 

Cross Country

On Friday 20th of May students from Years 3-6 travelled to Naracoorte to compete at Cross Country. Students ran the following distances determined by age; 1300m, 1800m and 2500m. The students demonstrated determination and drive during the runs including sportsmanship as we cheered other athletes over the finish line. Well done to all students who competed and Tom Handbury and Bethany Blower who made it into the SAPSASA teams. All student results and times will be posted soon.  

Community News


Matho’s Basketball

4/5 to 7 year olds basketball training/games

Starts Wednesday 4th May

Runs for all of term 2

Cost $5.00 per night per player

From 4.15pm to 5.15pm

At the Naracoorte Basketball Stadium

All welcome

Just a lot of fun and learning along the way.

Please email Ph. 0417-855-247 or turn up on the night and see Helen Garrigan at the desk.

This program will run in School Term 3 as well depending on numbers.

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