Principal: Adrian Maywald Deputy Principal: Jane Gill

Governing Council Chair: Eliza Handbury

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From the Principal and Deputy Principal

With only 3 weeks until the end of Term 1, 2022 I want to recognise the incredible efforts of our students, staff and community in navigating the still ever-changing conditions around Covid, which over the last 8 weeks has seen Hybrid learning, home learning, students/families/staff isolating and supporting each other to continue to learn. During this time, being able to have held a sports day, getting back to having a Lucindale Lions Field Days, Lions Youth of the Year and seeing how far we have come in navigating hybrid meetings, digital skills and tools to ensure learning and connections can be maintained is pleasing.  

Term 1 Interviews: Interviews are scheduled for both the Balharry Memorial Kindy and Lucindale Area School at the same time this year. We will be hosting interviews on Monday April 11th and Tuesday April 12th. The interviews are 3-way interviews with your child’s teacher, parents/caregivers and child. Each Home group teacher/main class teacher will also have feedback from all your child’s/children’s teachers to ensure all learning areas are covered. We encourage you all to take the time to book in through the interview slips you will be receiving shortly through EdSmart. Interviews will go for 15mins each and be held in the School Hall between 3:30pm and 7pm on Monday and Tuesday will be between 1:30pm and 7pm to ensure we have enough time slots for all families/students. Please note students will be dismissed at 1:10pm on Tuesday April 12th with buses running at 1:20pm to allow interviews to start at 1:30pm. 

Field Days: We really appreciated the return to the Lucindale Field Days this year and congratulate the Lucindale Lions and Lucindale Field Days Committee on navigating a path for the event to occur. The Blue Yakka trail was a great success, selling out this year with a little over 350 participants and the Hay Bale seating having a touch more than 600 bales being delivered and collected from sites. Our School wine had its highest sales yet and the new information booklets about the school wines and Viticulture were a great addition.  The school received many compliments on the great work of our students who kept the tables and eating areas clean.  A huge thank you goes to everyone who contributed to the setup, pack up, sponsoring and volunteer rosters to support a wonderful event for our community and surrounding communities.    

Instructional Leadership Course: This week has seen our school start a year long program working with the Department, Professor John Hattie, David Hopkins and Wayne Craig on using instructional leadership to further improve student learning. Having completed the two-day intensive this week we will now be refining our project and look forward to sharing this with you soon.   

Governing Council AGM: Thank you to everyone who has been nominated for GC and attending our Hybrid AGM this week. The parent representatives who attended the AGM are currently voting for the GC nominees as we had more nominees than positions available. Next week our new GC will meet on Tuesday night to confirm positions/roles and regular agenda items. We were able to confirm our Community representatives at the AGM and thank Leanne Graetz for her nomination and Dale Simpson who has re-nominated to stay on as a Community Representative for Lucindale Area School.  

Teachers’ Learning: This week our teaching staff have been working on ensuring our Site Improvement Plans are in place for Term 1 2022. Felicity Jenke and Taylor Ferguson are undertaking two days InitialLit Training so that the program can be implemented in our Junior Primary. All Teaching staff are underway with their Teaching Sprints (which are being led by Jason Backler, Felicity Jenke and Adrian) which have a focus on implementing best practice in reading strategies across all learning areas with Before, During and After Reading strategies being refined/developed for all classes.  

Interschool Athletics: Don’t forget next Friday we are hosting the Annual Area Schools Interschool for the region. If you are coming along to see the best athletes from the region’s Area Schools compete, please ensure you follow the covid requirements and wear masks if you are not socially spaced. 

New Building Update: With an Asset building meeting held on Wednesday March 23rd, the builders and department have confirmed that they have a few staff out with Covid but are still expecting the have the new building in place for a handover on Tuesday April 12th 2022. During the meeting we discussed needs around ICT installation, getting quotes to have bitumen around the new build rather than crusher dust, path repair options. We should see the decking arrive next week and currently the plumbers/electricians are working on the internal fit out. All going well, school staff will be spending the school break setting up the new rooms for Term 2, 2022.  

Draft Behavior Support Policy & Mobile Phone Policy Feedback: Attached with the newsletter you will find a draft updated Behavior Support Policy which will be going to GC next week. Please take the time to read and provide any feedback you may have to either the GC or the front office at school so that it can be collated/considered for future implementation. The teaching staff have reviewed the drafts and we will soon be reviewing with the students at school. The detailed feedback provided on the Mobile Phone Policy is greatly appreciated and thanks to Jason Backler for coordinating this. The feedback will go to the Governing Council next week as part of updating the phone policy.  


Yours in Education,  

Adrian Maywald and Jane Gill 


Diary Dates



Friday 1st   Interschool

Tuesday 5th   Friday 8th 

11/12 Outdoor Ed camp

Monday 11th  King Arthur Performance @9am

Monday 11th  Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews 3:15pm-7:00pm

Tuesday 12th   Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews 1:30pm-7:00pm Early Closure Day 1:10pm

Thursday 14th 

SAPSASA Athletic Training

End of Term 1

Friday 15th  Good Friday

 Behaviour Support Policy

Canteen News

Classroom News

Year 10 Work Experience

Students in Year 10 are currently sourcing places of business for Work Experience between 2nd May – 6th May. Some students are unavailable to travel distances or stay outside of the local area. We would appreciate any help or positions that the Lucindale area can offer these students as they embark on the journey of work.  

To those of you that have already offered a position for a student, thank you. 

The students are looking forward to a week of work and are busily completing the Safe At Work module so they feel safe and know certain processes before they enter the work place.  

We wish them luck as they journey on the next stage of their learning pathway. 


Stage 1 – Photography

This weeks theme is ‘Leading Lines”.

Leading lines are lines that appear in a photograph that have been framed and positioned by the photographer to draw the viewer’s eye towards a specific point of interest. These lines often draw the viewer’s eye in a specific direction or towards a designated portion of the photograph. Leading Lines can be horizontal, vertical or can point in any direction or recede into the distance.




Secondary Pathways

With the beginning of 2022 the implementation of Flexible Industry Pathways was started across the state. Flexible Industry Pathways (FIPs) are industry endorsed pathways from secondary school to employment in key growth sectors in South Australia. FIPs ensure students are job-ready upon completion of their studies while providing industry with a pipeline of skilled workers.

Lucindale Area School (LAS), along with Kingston Community (KCS), Naracoorte High (NHS) and Kangaroo Inn Area School (KIAS) form a training hub for Multi Trades, Aged Care, Early Childhood Education, Engineering and Agriculture. Each site is responsible for a particular industry, LAS has Agriculture, and students from all sites have the opportunity to move into the desired industry training. With Lucindale being central, the long term plan is to host the training weeks at Yakka Park.

Needless to say, implementing a new learning system in among COVID restrictions, we have faced hurdles to achieve this early in Term 1. The Certificate II in Agriculture has not started yet due to a training organisation change and replanning but looks to be set to go in Term 2. While the desired training ground has been Yakka Park, the first couple of training weeks have been spread among LAS, NHS and KCS with the staff from all Schools working hard to make FIP a success for students.

Year 10 Students studying Personal Learning Plan, will begin work experience early in Term 2 and will begin having Industry Immersions to begin exploring the different FIP pathways available ready for 2023.

At home students and parents can explore the new Pathways website:

This allows students to see job opportunities and experiences available in their areas.

Keep an eye out for further developments.


Jason Backler

Pathways Coordinator

Year 1/2 Procedures

How to Catch a Leprechaun!

The Year 1/2 class have been learning about procedures. On Wednesday March 17thit was Saint Patrick’s Day and students listened to a book called How to Catch a Leprechaun. From this they had come up with a procedure on how to catch a sneaky leprechaun.

By Lucy

– A Leprechaun’s friend
– A net
– Lollies

1. Get the friend and find the Leprechaun.
2. Give the friend the lollies and then make them talk.
3. Then get the net and catch him but if you miss maybe try catching different things.
4. Then try find a rainbow and go to the end and steal the money.

By Harry

– Trap
– A cardboard box
– Some gold
– Some chocolate
1. Put the mouse trap in a big corner.
2. Put the cardboard box under the mousetrap.
3. Put the gold on top of the box
4. Put the chocolate on top of the box
5. Wait for the leprechaun.
6. If you find the leprechaun and catch it you are lucky.

By John

– Lollies
– Possum trap
– Net
– Camouflage
– Mouse trap
1. Put possum trap somewhere.
2. Put mouse trap in possum trap.
3. Put lollies in the trap.
4. Put camouflage on trap.
5. Get net and catch the leprechaun.
6. Let it go on the farm.

By Celia

– A couple of traps
– 2 sticks
– A cardboard box
– Some food like peanut butter
1. Put the mouse trap under the cardboard box.
2. Get the sticks and put them under the cardboard box standing up.
3. Put peanut butter on the mouse trap.
4. Hide and wait

By Marle’

– Net
– Carboard box
– Mouse trap
– Lollies
– Stick
– Fishing rod

1. Tie the fishing rod onto the stick.
2. Put the stick under the box.
3. Put the lollies on the mouse trap.
4. Put the mouse under the box.
5. Then hold the end of the fishing rod and wait.
6. When the leprechaun is there put down the fishing rod.

South East Field Days sculpture competition – Primary Section

During Design Technologies lessons with Mrs Rivett the Year 5/6 class created and made sculptures for the Lions Field Days Competition. The students went through the Design Process creating ideas then formed groups to come up a with a combined design for a sculpture.  Students had to work as a team to plan their design, work out materials needed and bring along to create their sculpture. Students needed to think about different methods of joining materials together.  It needed to be between 60cm to 2 metres and made from non-perishable materials. They were given four weeks to work on their sculptures. All six groups eventually ended up with a sculpture that was displayed at the recent Field Days. A Special thank you to ELDERS for donating the prizes.  



Photos on next page of groups and sculptures 







MR BAA   – 1st Prize

Oliver, Angus, Lacey, Lacey and Ruby 


Hugh, Jack, Aden, Jake and Kauri

HANDY HANGER –  2nd Prize

Georgia, Madison, Bethany and Charlotte 

SHEARER – 3rd Prize

Ryan, Cody, Cody, Felix and Vander


Amy, Seth, Noah, Kalais and Krysandra


Darcy, Mason, Harry, Sammy and Tom

Agriculture News

Senior Agriculture Update

Our Year 11 / 12 Agriculture Productions and Agriculture Systems students have been immersing their learning in the next generation of our stud White Suffolk and commercial Merino lambs!  

Many thanks to Aaron Clothier from Woolumbool Studs and Ken Watson from Tatiara Artificial Breeding Services for hosting our students and educating them in the process of artificially inseminating our stud White Suffolk ewes. It was a fascinating learning opportunity. 

Further thanks to Will Tanner from TanScan for going through the process of pregnancy scanning with our students on our commercial merino ewes. Having this insight will now allow us to plan the best feeding regime.

This brilliant industry support of our Agriculture Program from these three companies is a prime example of school and community working together to provide outstanding agriculture education. 

Library News


Happy Harmony Day 21st March 2022. Students across the school have joined together to make an awesome display in the library.

New Reads

Macrame Made Easy: By Harumi Kageyama.

This book shows you 28 different knots and instructions for 30 different projects. Once you get started, your imagination and creativity will take over.

I am me: By Trace Moroney.

There is no one-else who exactly like you! It’s important to feel good about who you are – on the inside and the outside.

This book, describes the difference between healthy self-esteem and low self-esteem, and offers a range of well–researched techniques to help children (and their grown-ups) build or improve their self-esteem.

Community News



The Canteen is run by a handful of Parents, Spouses and Players involved within the Football & Netball clubs. We are desperately calling out for more people to join the Canteen Auxiliary committee.

We acknowledge that running a household, as well as working outside of the home plus finding time for sport and every day general activities can seem overwhelming and hectic. But to continue the success of our two great clubs we need to share the workload and keep pushing on. We’d like to invite everyone and anyone to come to the AGM


After many years (well over 11) of supporting and working behind the scenes Cheryl Ferguson has officially resigned from the committee, we’d like to thank her (and the Ferguson family) for the dedication she has given to us all.   Anthea Clarke who has also been on the committee for the same amount of time, would like to take a step back from her duties and semi retire/retire ?.

For those who are new to the area (or those who have been around forever but just simply don’t know), we support both the Lucindale Football & Netball clubs through proceeds raised by our catering efforts (Thursday night teas during the season, operating a busy canteen on Saturdays and Saturday evenings, as well as catering for odd private and club functions throughout the year).  Much of the funds raised by the Auxiliary are donated to the Clubs for use in maintaining their clubrooms and purchasing new equipment for all members and players to enjoy. We also sponsor the weekly awards for both Junior and Senior grades of Football and Netball.

If the idea of getting lumped with a big role seems too daunting, please be reassured that the treasurer and secretary roles have already been filled. We are looking for people to help with smaller but equally important jobs, like ordering, unpacking orders etc.  Without sounding too desperate PLEASE PLEASE come to the meeting. Many hands make for lighter work!

Attendees and Apologies to Sarah on 0438804681 by Monday 28th March. If you would like a meal prior to the meeting please contact the pub to pre-order your meal. The function room is available from 6:30pm.


Canteen Auxiliary

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