LAS Newsletter Issue 07 – 2023

I have enjoyed the privilege of witnessing the great work of our students over the last few weeks. There is much happening in learning and teaching at the school. There have been many rich opportunities offered to our students in support of our learning programs.

The Year 11/12 students went to Adelaide for their camp on Thursday, 11 May and Friday, 12 May. The group started with the TreeClimb experience which provides a unique opportunity for users to be immersed in nature while the interactive education elements highlight the importance of conservation and the environment. A series of Zip-line, swings, and obstacle challenges that the students really enjoyed very much.

LAS Newsletter Issue 06 – 2023

What an amazing start to our second term, Parent/Student/Teacher interviews, Yr 10 Work Experience, Cross Country, Senior School Camp and our Year 5 Mad Minute Preparation’s underway not to mention our student free day ensuring teachers are all trained and aware of the latest resources for our Child Protection Curriculum. We have welcomed Joey (middle school Math’s and Science) and Olivia (Wellbeing Coordinator) to our School/Community and wish Kirsten all the best with her new pursuits as we start the process to backfill our Christian Pastoral Care Position at Lucindale Area School.

LAS Newsletter Issue 05 – 2023

With Term 1 now ending it has an absolute privilege to have been able to not just have school return many of the things we were not able to do due to Covid in past years. With a range of major events including NAPLAN, Distance Day, Sports Day, Interschool, Field Days, Blue Yakka, SAPSASA trials, Camps, Excursions/Incursions we personally thank everyone who has been able to assist in ensuring these have all occurred in-line with the daily core focus of teaching and learning. If your child/children has actively given their best in the relevant events above please congratulate them on seeking their personal best and representing the school well.

LAS Newsletter Issue 04 – 2023

Principal: Adrian Maywald Deputy Principal: Louis de Jager Governing Council Chair: Eliza Handbury Phone: 8766 2084 Email: ISSUE 0424-03-2023From the Principal and Deputy Principal As we complete Week 8 of the Term we would like to thank...

LAS Newsletter Issue 03 – 2023

What a wonderful start to the year, SRC is up and running. We had a very successful sports day and had perfect weather for Interschool. Camps and excursions have been up and running with 3 or 4 more to go this term along with Field Days this week and our daily school learning programs. We have a lot to be grateful for and appreciate and we would like to thank all our staff, students and volunteers who have made the effort to make all of this possible.

LAS Newsletter Issue 02 – 2023

Its looks and feels like Summer has finally found us but fingers crossed next week we will be able to run Sports Day on February the 28th, 2023. Thank you to all the volunteers who are coming out of the woodwork to assist and ensure a successful running of the day which is simply not possible without school and community working together; much like the upcoming field days on a smaller scale. Given we are hosting Interschool this year lets all pull together and encourage all of our young athletic superstars to give their best for Themselves, their Team and our School. Please keep an eye out on Sports Day for an Edsmart re buses. We will do our best to finish on time but if not we will let you know if the buses are running a little late via Edsmart. If you are joining us on the day don’t be afraid to help keep things moving so we can finish on time.

LAS Newsletter Issue 01 – 2023

A very warm and happy welcome to all in the school community for Term One, 2023. The school team look forward to working in partnership with you and sharing the many aspects of your child/ren’s learning journey throughout the 2023 school year. 

This year again sees our school continue to grow and develop, after a busy holiday period we are grateful to have had multiple works complete. This includes the Science Sinks being replaced for under bench mount sinks, The Swimming Pool having some tiles replaced and a new cover currently being installed. We have also seen the demolition of the 1960’s middle school building, with restoration works underway now for the area where the old middle school building stood.   

LAS Newsletter Issue 19 – 2022

The 2022 School Year is almost complete, we thank all students, staff and families for their contributions towards supporting learning, wellbeing and facilities at Lucindale Area School. Dare we say it but as Covid is having less and less impact, bring on the 2023 school year with a focus on creating and maintaining as many positive and supportive learning experiences as possible as we return to many of our past traditions and events such as Presentation Night.

LAS Newsletter Issue 18 – 2022

With Year 12s now complete and all works submitted for moderation, we wish our Year 12s all the best with the next stage of their lives and hope they are each happy with the results they will receive on the 19th of December to recognise 13 years of schooling. We thank the staff and students who were able to celebrate the completion of the students’ Secondary Schooling with the Graduation Dinner at the Avenue Inn last Friday night.

LAS Newsletter Issue 17 – 2022

With less than 46 days till Xmas and things getting back to normal, it has been awesome to hear the students from the Year 3&4 Class discussing their adventures on the High Ropes Courses and their sleepover from last week. Having the chance to support the Year 5&6 Class as a bus driver while learning all about the volcano fields spread across Victoria and the South East was also amazing. I would like to thank all the volunteers, school staff and our students for a wonderful couple of days.