Open Access

Open Access

Open Access learning is offered to secondary students at Lucindale Area School and across the country.

Open Access is program for students in remote areas. The class is delivered by a teacher at the Open Access College in Marden, located in metropolitan Adelaide. Rural students then connect with the class via phone or online methods, allowing for greater flexibility for subject choices for all students. Subject areas on offer include:

  • Languages
  • Arts
  • Design + Technology
  • Humanities + Social Sciences
  • Music

Students are supported by a teacher at the school to ensure that they understand and complete work.

Local Delivery

Lucindale Area School is a member of the South-East Local Delivery program. Students and teachers travel to partner schools in the local cluster network to study Stage 2 subjects at a face-to-face level. The school cluster network is comprised of Lucindale Area School, Penola High School, Naracoorte High School, Kangaroo Inn Area School and Millicent High School.

Local delivery has the benefit of a face-to-face teaching component with designated subject teachers, along with support of Lucindale Area School staff to ensure success.

Subjects which are delivered include

  • Chemistry
  • Nutrition
  • Physics
  • Biology

For a full range of subjects on offer at Lucindale Area School, or to view more of our flexible learning options, please see our curriculum page.