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From the Principal and Deputy Principal

With less than 46 days till Xmas and things getting back to normal, it has been awesome to hear the students from the Year 3&4 Class discussing their adventures on the High Ropes Courses and their sleepover from last week. Having the chance to support the Year 5&6 Class as a bus driver while learning all about the volcano fields spread across Victoria and the South East was also amazing. I would like to thank all the volunteers, school staff and our students for a wonderful couple of days.  

Reception transition for 2023: Our Transition students have started their visits to School with some great discussion and questions while they were touring the front office. There were some great ideas about reasons why you may find yourself visiting the Principal’s or Deputy’s office. Transition continues for another 3 weeks on Tuesdays. 

Working Bee: On Sunday November 27th Governing Council is having a working bee at the school. Please keep an eye out for an upcoming EdSmart with a list of jobs to help everyone with what tools to bring.   

Student Forum with the Chief Executive of Education: We have had two year 10 students (Milly and Dom) selected to represent Lucindale Area School at a forum in Mount Gambier on 25/11/2022. They will be taking part in the South East Education Forum where they can share their views and ideas about what is needed to strengthen and improve education in the South East. Over the next two weeks they will work classes and the SRC across the school to gather student feedback.   

Presentation Night: We have locked in our Presenation Night and to ensure that all other community events can go ahead, we have moved to the Town Hall this year and will be starting slightly earlier to allow Volleyball Grand Finals to still compete. We hope you can all join us on Wedneday November 30th from 5pm to 7pm as we celebrate the successes of the 2022 school year.  

Year 12 Graduation Dinner: The Year 12 formal was a great chance to celebrate the work put in by all our Year 12s last week. On Friday November 18th the Year 12 students, parents and staff will get together for an end of year Dinner and celebration of the end of their secondary education. We are certain some great stories and moments will be shared, along with some reflections on the resilience learnt during Covid conditions.  

Staffing News: As some families are already aware I would like to do a short thank you to a few staff who have helped us keep the students on track this year when we have not been able to find backfill for a teaching position. I would personally like to thank James Phillips for tackling some additional Science and Maths classes at short notice and Carol Hille for being flexible and taking on some Science classes too, along with Jane Gill for teaching some middle school Maths above her allocated teaching time. Teaching is not easy particularly over the last couple of years with extra complexities. This week we have moved a step closer to our staffing for 2023 with securing an experienced Senior Maths teacher to backfill Woody Winton in 2023. We will continue to work on our staffing over the coming weeks as we look to fill the ICT role and Boarding House position.  

Opening of Hybrid Rooms: Last week we hosted leaders and IT staff from across the South East in our Hybrid learning space to share the capabilities and future usage options. Over the rest of this term teachers will be training in its use and we will keep refining the setup to ensure that it provides the best possible hybrid learning for students, staff and community in 2023.   

SAPSASA Sports: For 3 years now I have chaired SAPSASA for the Upper South East which has been a great privilige as we have navigated many hurdles including Covid and Year 7s into high school. The core aim is to support students to access and experience/compete in a broad range of sports while making new friends and challenging themselves against others from across the State. Next week I have the honor to be team manager for the Tennis and can’t wait to help support our regions as they compete in Adelaide.  

Robotics and Coding at Lucindale: As we are well and truly in a digital age I encourage you all to read the Vex robotics update in the newsletter. Across our school we are supporting students with coding and robotics by introducing Beebots and Spheros followed by Scratch coding and then as student progress, the Vex robotics.   

Halloween Canteen Fundraiser: With some very scary costumes and decorations we would like to thank the wider community including the Lucindale Deli, Lucindale Hotel and the Canteen Committee for a wonderful fundraiser and sugar rush experience for those who joined the Halloween Trail and or stopped at the Lucindale Hotel for Scary Meal.  

Site Improvement Plan: We have been working with all teachers to review what we have achieved on our SIP and what we need to look at in 2023. Some initial inquiry lines include training in the Big Ideas in Number and reviewing ways to stretch learning outcomes from being okay to great. We hope to have more community members in to assist with our learning programs/pathways/camps so please contact Nat Austin if you are wanting a hand with the steps to follow to become a regular volunteer. 

Panel Presentations: In our last week of school all of our Year 7, 8 and 9 students will take part in Panel Presentations. This is a long-standing process at LAS where students present examples of their learning to a panel of staff and community members. More information will come home to families shortly, but if you are interested in sitting on one of our panels, please contact the Front Office to register your name. Feedback from previous years has been overwhelmingly positive, with our community members being very interested in how the students present their learning. 


Yours sincerely,  

Adrian and Jane  

Diary Dates

11th November – SACE Biology Exam 9:00am

11th November – SACE Modern History Exam 1:30pm

14th November – 25th November – R-5 Water Safety Program.

15th November – Kindy Transition 9am – 12pm

16th November – Primary Assembly – 2:25pm @ LAS Hall

18th November – Year 12 Graduation Dinner

22nd November – Kindy Transition 8:30am – 2pm

29th November – Kindy Transition 11am – 3:10pm

29th November – Governing Council 7pm

30th November – Presentation Night 5:00pm Town Hall

1st December – R-6 Christmas Presentation from Schools Ministry Group

Classroom News

Y3/4 Camp

On the 3rd of November, the 3/4 Class went to Noorla Yo-long and had a sleep over in their classroom. While at Noorla Yo-long they participated in climbing and team building games. After school there was a quiz, talent show and cooking. The camp finished on the 4th of November.  At Noorla Yo-long there were many fun activities. Some of the activities were a blindfolded run and blindfolded maze. In the blindfolded run, the whole class helped one person stay safe and get to the end of the line. In the blindfolded maze, students had partners to guide them through the maze. There were dice hanging from the roof that they needed to duck under and red buttons to step over. If a student touched one of these obstacles they had to restart the maze. This helped students learn about clear communication, trust and teamwork.  After lunch, the class followed the instructor to the climbing ropes. The smallest climbs were 5 to 6 metres high and the tallest was 18 metres. First, we learnt how to put on the harnesses then Anna helped the instructor, Geoff, by demonstrating how to successfully complete the catwalk climb and safely get down. The instructor Blaine helped students to face their fears by giving advice and encouragement. This helped them build up their confidence and meet the challenge.   The class then returned to school and transformed the classroom into a sleeping area. They made their own dinner and could choose to cook spaghetti bolognaise, burgers or rissoles. Spaghetti was very popular, but it was all delicious. After dinner, students practised and performed in a talent show and tried their best in a fun quiz.   Thank you to all the parent helpers who made this camp possible. Thank you Jess Legoe for taking photographs to keep as memories, Daniel Ryan for climbing with us, Skye Trott and Frances England for helping with dinner, and Henry Legoe for helping with supervision overnight. A special thank you to Ms S for organising an amazing time.    Written by Anna and Rebecca   Year 3/4 SRC Representatives 

R/1/2 Excursion

On Tuesday 1st November the R/1/2 students attended a Windmill Theatre Co performance called “Hiccup!” at the Naracoorte Town Hall which aligned to the The Arts in the Australian Curriculum.  We would like to thank our parent helpers – Samantha Crocker, Jess Legoe, Skye Trott, Melissa Thompson and Kylie Ware for coming along. Thank you to Mr Backler for driving us to and from Naracoorte safely.  Receptions completed a short recount about the excursion and the Year 1s and Year 2s have written a short exposition (persuasive text) about the performance. Some of the students have decided to share their writing.  Miss Ferguson & Mrs Jenke 

Maggie: First Mum drove me in the car to Naracoorte. Then we walked to the Town Hall to watch Hiccup. I liked when the lights went out. The stage looked cool with the star lights.   Cody: First Mr Backler drove us to Naracoorte. I liked the play Hiccup because I liked the sparkles from the lights.  Sophia: I think Hiccup was good. Kids from Kindy to Year 4 would like to go to the performance. Why will they like it? It is funny and silly. The characters were Koala, Quokka, Emu and Eddie.   Hunter: I think 3 – 10-year-olds would like the show. The Koala hiccups a lot. Eddie the camper with help from Emu and Quokka try to find out how to stop Koala’s hiccups.  Angus: Mr Backler drove us in the bus to Naracoorte. Then we walked to the Town Hall to watch Hiccup! My favourite part was when Koala had really loud hiccups.   Jett: I think the Rural Care kids would like to go to the performance because it was fun and silly.  The Koala was silly because he pretended to wee on the tree.   Mae: First Mr Backer drove us in the bus to Naracoorte. We watched a show called Hiccup! I liked Koala because he had funny hiccups.  Fred: We went on the bus to Naracoorte, Mr Backler drove us. Then we walked to the Town Hall to watch Hiccup! I liked when the smoke changed colours from the lights.   Ivy: I think Hiccup the play was exciting, 4-6 year olds would love it because it was funny and in the show there were funny sound effects.  

Year 10 Coaching

Our Year 10 PE students have been completing a coaching unit this semester, requiring students to delve into what makes a good coach, coaching styles and adapting your coaching style based on the athletes you are coaching. Our Year 10 students ran Badminton coaching sessions with the Year 3/4 class. It was really great to see our senior students taking on leadership roles and working well with our younger students.  

School Transition

The first visit to school was on Tuesday 8th November. The Kindy students were given a tour of the school grounds by the Reception students first thing due to the warm weather. After our walk, we enjoyed a short Discovery time (learning through play). Then we read a story called Tiddalick – the frog who caused a flood. The morning session was finished with a fine motor activity using pencils and scissors to make a lion.   Thank you to Kate and Georgia for supporting the visit and Mr Miller for driving the students to and from School.  Flic Jenke 

South East Music Festival

Well done to our choir students for their performance at The Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre on the 28th of October 2022. You were all brilliant! 

Special congratulations to our soloist Charlotte for her amazing performance. 

A great deal of effort goes into preparing for a concert of this quality. We owe a big thank you to Jodie Ewer for all her passion and hard work. Jodie is hanging up her “choir hat” next year after close to ten years training our students. She will be a hard act to follow. Thank you also to Alan Miller for chauffeuring children to rehearsals and to JoJo for designing the brilliant artwork which was displayed in the theatre.  

 Jill Bedworth 

Choir Support 


Throughout this semester Year 10 Digital Technology has been looking at VEX robotics. VEX uses a programmable brain which can be controlled by coding or using a programmed controller. VEXIQ Challenge involves using the robots to move the game objects(yellow balls) into the center of the playing field. Launching the game objects into the tower meant extra points and being able to lift your bot off the ground at the end of the game could also gather points.  Several students focussed on the game utilising different designs that catered for different aspects of the game. They spent time designing, testing, troubleshooting and altering their design to get the best results. A focus became whether the bot would lift or push game objects which affected their design. Block programming and calibrating the brain was used to install the attachments available which included up to 4 motors (to drive or manipulate arms), light sensors, gyroscope, LED and speakers.  A few students less interested in the game aspect designed a tractor bot with a ‘plough’ and ‘seeder’. There was a big focus on gear ratios for increased torque, how to get the linkages to work, and implementing a track system. 

Outstanding Sporting Achievement Award

The Lucindale Area School Presentation Night will be held in Week 7, November 30th at the Town Hall at 5pm. The Presentation Night Committee are seeking nominations for the 2022 Outstanding Sporting Achievement Award. Students will be reminded to self-nominate via the Daily Notices. Please assist your child to apply to recognise their sporting achievements this year.   Letters of nomination can be emailed to or given to Mrs Jenke at school by the end of Week 5 – Friday 18th November 2022. 

Year 9 HASS

The Sharemarket has taken a tumble for serious punters but for the Year 9 HASS class we have some winners. 

  • Tyler 
  • Kingston  
  • Jack 

These three students achieved the greatest margin from other students with a profit of $2488.09. Well done for these boys who won the prize of lunch at the canteen. 

Boarding House



Lucindale Area School is seeking applications for the role of Boarding House Parent. Lucindale Area School is a Reception to Year 12 School with a prominent focus on Agriculture. The school has a 13 bed boarding house catering for students from Year 8 -12.

More information, including the boarding house prospectus, can be found on our website Lucindale Area School – Department for Education (

Located adjacent to the school, the Boarding House Parent will be required from Sunday night to Friday morning during term time, commencing on the 27th January 2023. The position will be filled as a one year contract.

The role includes: Supervision and general pastoral care of students as well as preparing meals. To receive a Job and Person specification or to enquire about this position, please contact the school on 8766 2084 or email .

To apply, please forward an application letter including c.v. and referees addressed to:

Boarding House Co-ordinator, Lucindale Area School, PO Box 147, Lucindale SA 5272 

or email to


Applications close: 21st November 2022 (4pm)


Agriculture News


Students in primary and secondary agriculture lessons have been “reeling in“ some great knowledge on all things fishy with our onsite aquaculture learning facility since June! This learning space is a unique asset to our students’ learning and allows awesome opportunities for cross curricular education across Reception through to Year 12 with links to Maths, Science, English, HASS and Agriculture.   The journey this year began with our Year 10 Aquaculture students looking at the requirements needed when hatching Rainbow Trout fish eggs due to previous egg hatching trays showing severe sign of wear. With this design brief, students looked at various types of suitable materials and egg tray options on a commercial industry scale before designing, costing out and building their own proposed design that would suit our school system. This then led on to the successful hatching of 7,500 rainbow trout eggs!  Since June, in addition to completing the egg tray design, students have been learning about life cycles and needs according to stage of growth, diseases fish can acquire and treatment options, performed frequent chemical analysis of water quality to ensure the environment the fish are growing in is within recommended parameters, weighing fingerlings to track growth and match appropriate feed requirements and have been learning about different forms of aquaponics which involves using the nutrient rich water the fish are farmed in to grow vegetables and herbs without soil.  Combined with this, students have played a pivotal role in ensuring the hatchery bays are cleaned and have enjoyed feeding them.   We currently have approximately 8cm fingerlings available for purchase as per the chart below. Please note prices vary based on age due to the ongoing feeding and consequent increase in size. Perfect for stocking dams, these fingerlings are available for collection shortly. Please contact the school on 87662084 OR email to place an order.



December  40 cents  $40 
January  45 cents  $45 
February  50 cents  $50 
March  55 cents  $55 

Agriculture Items For Tender


Term 4 Pork is now available to order. Our delicious pork is selling fast. To place your order please use the link below or alternatively please call the Admin Team on 8766 2084. It’s time to get some pork on your Christmas fork!


Library News

Book Fair  Thank you to all of the parents, students and families that supported our recent book fair. Sales totalled $1831.00. From this the library receives $457.50 commission, in credits to spend at Scholastic.  These credits are used to purchase prizes for our Book Week dress up day, and to add to the STEM and literacy resources used in the classrooms to support student learning in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and literacy.  PRC  Congratulations to all students that completed the Premier’s Reading Challenge in 2022. This year we had 82 students complete the challenge. Well done. Certificates and medals will be presented to the students at next week’s primary assembly.  End of year returns  With the end of the school year fast approaching, we would like to remind all students of the requirement to return all items borrowed from the library before they finish their schooling for the year. This includes laptops, calculators, text books and novels. All must be returned by the last day of school term. As parents / caregivers, please support your child to do this. Thank you.  Materials and services charges  Thank you to those who have asked the question “Why should we pay for a library fee to the school, libraries are free?” Great question.  Answer: Yes – access to all SA public libraries and their resources are free.   However, as a community library, we stock specialised resources that are only for the use of students, and these need to be purchased, and kept up to date by the school. There is no funding from SA Public Libraries for these.  Examples are:  In this year alone we have purchased 30 class novels at $15 to $20 each. 20 calculators at $45.00 each. 83 text books and E Book access ranging in price from $65 to $120 each. All of these items are borrowed exclusively by students, to assist with their studies. I hope this has answered your questions, and thank you for supporting our school to keep up to date learning materials for all students.  Eggs for sale  The library has eggs in stock for purchase at $4 a dozen.

Community News

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