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High School (Years 8 - 12)

The Lucindale Area School secondary school years are split into two sections. The middle school consists of Years 8 and 9, and the senior school refers to Years 10-12.

Middle School

The middle school aims to provide a unique experience for students in a rewarding and understanding learning environment that recognises the needs of young adolescents. Middle school sees the introduction of year-level based home groups that allow for a productive and efficient routine to be established. Students are progressively exposed to a wider range of specialist teachers in middle school, in preparation for senior school.

Middle school aims to meet the educational, developmental, and social needs that emerge in this transitional period.  The middle school program provides a supportive and flexible environment so students will have opportunities to develop skills and explore a variety of learning experiences.
Each home group teacher works very closely with the students in his/her home group and, through the development of positive relationships, is able to ensure that the social and emotional needs of each student are met. Regular communication between parents and the home group teacher is encouraged to keep staff and parents informed.

Camps and Excursions

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Senior School

Students move into senior school in Year 10, allowing them to focus on more individualised learning programs based on their career options. Individual subject counselling is available on a regular basis to assist students to identify their learning strengths and assist them with subject selection to enable their preferred career choices.

Curriculum and Delivery

For information regarding the curriculum and delivery of both middle and senior schools, please see our curricular and extra-curricular pages.