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Extra Curricular Activities

Year 12 Formal

Lucindale Area School holds a formal each year for our Year 12 students. Past students are also invited to the event, providing a great opportunity to strengthen community ties and for students to dress up and celebrate. Lucindale Area School teachers attend the formal and act as chaperones for the evening. The school formal is run by a student committee on a voluntary basis. Students often enjoy an afternoon of photos to celebrate the occasion, before heading to a dinner held in Lucindale. It is a great social occasion on the senior school calendar.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music has been offered through the Lucindale Area School for many years.  The focus is to provide instrumental tuition to students through small group lessons or individual lessons. 

The school provides lessons for both brass and woodwind instruments. Lesson delivery is through a combination of methods including face to face visit by the instructor, video conferencing or phone.  The tuition also offers opportunities for the student to participate as part of an ensemble.  Opportunities for public performances, both solo or as part of an ensemble, are provided via school functions. Lessons duration is 30 minutes per week, or more flexible arrangements can be provided.

Private tuition is also available at Lucindale Area School via private providers who conduct lessons at the school. Instruments currently available through this method include the guitar, drums and piano.

Lions Youth of the Year

Each year the Lucindale Lions Club present the Lions Youth of the Year Award to students from Lucindale Area School. Lions Youth of the Year is designed to encourage, foster and develop leadership in conjunction with other citizenship qualities in our youth, at the age when they are about to enter the fields of employment or higher education. It provides students with the incentive to pay greater attention to the general qualities, so vital in developing our youths into first class citizens.


The award is open to students aged 15 – 19 years. Students are required to submit an application for consideration by the panel, deliver a prepared presentation and an impromptu presentation and participate in a question and answer session with the panel. The judging panel consists of up to three representatives from the local community.


The Lions Incentives Awards provide a unique opportunity for local youth to gain experience and develop skills in Leadership, Personal Improvement, Sportsmanship, Citizenship, Community Involvement and Public Speaking. The awards are highly sought after by local students and participation is on a voluntary basis. The winner of the local Lions Youth of the Year Award has the opportunity to then go on to represent our town at regional awards and potentially State and National Awards. 

Lions Incentive Awards

The Lions Incentive Award is an award given to a student from each year level from Year 8 to Year 12 who can demonstrate an improvement in their: academic/technological achievement this year; who can demonstrate a sense of citizenship in and/or out of school; and who can demonstrate that they have goals and ambitions for their future.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

Lucindale Area School received registration for the Duke of Edinburgh Award in 2014. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an international leadership in action program, available to all young people aged between fourteen and twenty-five. All students at Lucindale Area School in Year 8 and above are encouraged and supported to undertake the Bronze Award. The programme is designed for young people and aims to encourage them to achieve difficult things and do work that helps other people. The program includes physical activities such as climbing mountains, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Students have the ability to utilise components of the award to earn additional SACE credits.

Camps and Excursions

Lucindale Area School runs an extensive program of camps and excursions, including:

As part of the agriculture program students attend the

Incoming performances include:

South East Field Days

Lucindale Area School participates in the annual South East Field Days run by the Lucindale Lions Club.  Our site promotes the programmes and facilities offered here at the school.  Student work is displayed, demonstrations of activities are given, and staff and students are available to talk to the public and promote our school.  Students participate at the field days, not only at our school site but also supporting a wide variety of local sporting and community clubs and also assisting the Lucindale Lions Club with hospitality duties.  It is an excellent opportunity to showcase our school to more than 20,000 visitors who attend the South East Field Days each year.

Blue Yakka Trail

Lucindale Area School runs the Blue Yakka Trail at the annual Lucindale Lions Club South East Field Days.

The Blue Yakka Trail is designed to provide entertainment for families and is one of the school’s main fundraisers.

Children purchase a bag and follow a map around the site, collecting items from different depots. Lucindale Area School students run the registration site at the school tent, further showcasing the school and community working together.

Community Swimming Pool

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, a 25 metre, three lane pool will be built this year at the Lucindale Area School. Work started in late May with completion planned by December.

The development also includes a pool cover, solar heating, disability swing, lane ropes, detachable dive/starter blocks, shade structures, fencing and landscaping. The pool will be a community asset available for public use and will be overseen by a management committee made up of community members and key stakeholders.

The project is able to go ahead thanks to funding from the SA Department of Education and Lucindale Area School (sourced from cash and borrowings), along with generous donations from the Lucindale Lions Club and a number of other local clubs and individuals. Annual operational and maintenance costs for the Lucindale community pool will be funded by Lucindale Area School.

The total cost of the development is $1.2 million and there is a budget shortfall, so we are seeking to raise a minimum of $170,000 to cover this. In addition, a further $200,000 may be raised, which would reduce the school’s borrowings for the project.

Fundraising is well on its way, with close to $100,000 already committed. Signs showing fundraising progress will soon be up around town, so keep an eye out for them. Donors will be recognised in an appropriate way at the pool once the project is complete.

Tax deductible donations can be made to the community pool project thanks to a partnership between the Stand Like Stone Foundation and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal.

If you require a tax deduction, please see the link below for details on how to donate. If you have any queries about making a tax deductible donation, please contact Georgie McKay on 0409 828 423.

Non tax deductible donations can be made direct to Lucindale Area School, so if you do not require a tax deduction, please contact Barbara Woolard at the school on 8766 2084 to donate.

To follow the progress of the pool upgrade, like the Lucindale Community Swimming Pool Facebook Page.

Lucindale Community Pool Donation Form.pdf

Business Plan Lucindale Community Pool Usgae.pdf

Lucindale Community Pool Fundraising MOU .pdf


VACSWIM is offered to children aged 5-13 years in January each year.  For further information, please visit the VACSWIM website.